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requested 80s vampire/horror themed layout

someone requested this layout and it wasnt at all the type of aesthetic im used to, which made it all the more fun to make :DD as always, if theres an issue or something isn't working correctly, let me know and i will try my best to fix it asap!! if you have any layout requests or even just simple themes you think would look cool as layouts (you dont have to use the layout once i make it), please ...

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decora inspired layout

colorful layout that includes a warning screen for those sensitive to bright colors!! spacehey logo is from https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=607309 if you notice anything wrong or off about this layout please let me know!! i will try my best to fix the issue :3 if you decide to use this layout i would love for you to leave a comment but no obligation to do so!! if you have any layout themes/idea...

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requested shopkins layout

someone requested i do a shopkins layout and i had nothing better to do so i did it!! i was able to finish this really fast compared to my other layouts, i think i'm getting more efficient at coding!! if anything is off/malfunctions tell me and i will edit it!! i would love it if you left a comment if you're going to use this layout, but no obligation to do so ^^ if you have any requests for a lay...

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fairycore grunge layout [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

⚠️ multiple people have let me know that the background and a few other details just stopped working/showing up all of a sudden, so please do not use this layout for now (unless you're ok with that ig)!! i will update this once this is fixed, apologies ⚠️ credit to https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=607309 for the spacehey logo!!! this is my second layout, i think i'm getting the hang of coding!! ...

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pastel sanrio layout

This is one of my first ever layouts!! I made it with the theme of pastel in mind :3 I am planning on making more layouts so if you have any ideas for themes, feel free to either message me or leave a comment!! if you are planning on using this layout, a comment would be much appreciated!! This layout looks good on mobile as well!! if anything doesn't work or malfunctions, please let me know and i...

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