requested shopkins layout

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someone requested i do a shopkins layout and i had nothing better to do so i did it!! i was able to finish this really fast compared to my other layouts, i think i'm getting more efficient at coding!! if anything is off/malfunctions tell me and i will edit it!! i would love it if you left a comment if you're going to use this layout, but no obligation to do so ^^ if you have any requests for a layout (or just a general theme), lmk and i will prob make it :D


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if you have the time, could you pls maybe make an 80s vampire/horror vibe layout?? :0

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oooo that's a super cool idea!!! i'll absolutely do that, that sounds fun :DD

by Jay; ; Report

just finished it!! lmk if it was anything like what you were thinking :>

by Jay; ; Report