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sc3n3 layout wiv color changing rainbow animationz n raining nyan cat!!

Tags: scene, neon, rainbow, animation, animated, glitter, nyan cat, nyan, skull, floating gif


rainbowz. neonz. glitterz. raining nyan cat. everything u could evr want XD mah first layout and am big proud of it!! dis will make ur pfp a circle btw XD bcuz mine is a circle and i made it 4 mahself, BUT!! if u wantz 2 fix it u can just delete teh bit dat sayz "border-radius: 50%;" (just hit ctrl+f and search 4 it) and boom!! square icon again :3 2 put a blinkie at teh top, find teh bit dat sayz "main::before" and then in teh bit in there dat sayz "background-image: url( );" just put ur image URL in teh bracketz!!


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Pixel Katz1!1! >_<

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M1ght us3!!! >_<

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Pr0b uz1ng xP

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ozi B)

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might use!!!!

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using proboly :P

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also might use idk

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by un❕k⨂rn; ; Report