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Dove Messenger profile boarder.



Just a replica of the Dov Mes profile boarders as seen in the bad series.. Specifically in Vol. 4, and Presto. This will be just a small part in an upcoming layout of Dov Mes I'm working on. And to a certain person.. You can wait. As of 2024, screw off since you went str8 to d1ck suck1ng him. If you use this, please note that it probably will be a bit buggy, so please work it to the best of your ability. It won't be updated. Support the fucking victims. While this may be a simple boarder, I'd like to clarify that it "technically" belongs to a weirdo, I hope he never makes another episode of his damned series. EDIT: Credits for fixing code to CHЯISTIAИ Remember to support Palestine @ Arab.org , their service has you click a button, no transactions included. It really helps. :)


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Aileen !!

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I wouldn't recommend it.

by ★ : YOKO !; ; Report


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omg it matched my page's vibe so well!! thnxs!! ><

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Hi! I liked your code, so I made it so it wasn't off to the side, as seen on my profile. Would you like the code?

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charles brook.

charles brook.'s profile picture

gonna use 👍

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Arlo Dittman. Real

Arlo Dittman.    Real's profile picture

USING IT but its kinda off to the side idk why

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I'm still trying to find a solution to that, until I do, that's unfortunately how it's gonna sit, so sorry about that!!!

by ★ : YOKO !; ; Report

That’s ok!

by Arlo Dittman. Real; ; Report


by ★ : YOKO !; ; Report

[AUTOPLAY] CHUCK [maybe abandoned]

[AUTOPLAY] CHUCK [maybe a...'s profile picture

using soon!!!

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🎀𝓛𝓤𝓒𝓘𝓕𝓔𝓡🎀's profile picture


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Ekko ★

Ekko ★'s profile picture

using !! i fixed the bug and i'm using my own border design >___<

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Oh? How do you fix it? I want to be sure it's the right dimensions because I keep getting whiny complaints from a friend of mine. I appreciate the comment though!!!

by ★ : YOKO !; ; Report

Yee here's the code !! There's a bug where the border appears 2 times, so I tried to resize and change the position so it doesn't appear. Its kinda like hide the bug,,
Just touching the first "width", "top" and "left". and the % of the "width"
It can be a little different with your border because may it have a different size. But just retouching these stuff you can make it work to hide the bug


.profile-pic {
position: relative;
width: 155px;
filter: drop-shadow(0 0 0.25rem gray);
.profile-pic:after {
content: "";
background: url('PASTE IMAGE URL');
background-size: contain, cover;
position: absolute;
top: 2px;
left: 4px;
width: 97%;
height: 97%;

by Ekko ★; ; Report

I have to say that this works in MY layout because of the sizes I have. idk if it would be harder on bigger layouts
I think that in that case you'll have to resize the pfp size too.
Idk how to fix the bug, only how to hide it

by Ekko ★; ; Report


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