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Red Goth Vamp w/Red Crosshair Cursor

Tags: goth, vampire, dark, with cursor, spooky, heytony


Hey this is the first layout im posting here, but i have few more on my blog!! I also post all my themes on my pastebin so i never lose them. anyway here's my Red Vamp Goth layout. Remember you can mod if you want!


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SadGirlClubPresident's profile picture

will use for the cursor)

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cefuroxime's profile picture

gonna use for the cursor!!!!

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finn the rizzer

finn the rizzer's profile picture

Ima use this!!

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xX.I.lost.reality.Xx's profile picture


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sas's profile picture

using for the cursor!! ty!

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Romi's profile picture

using!! :p

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Quinzel's profile picture

Using the cursor !!

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enjoy it! It goes really good with your theme!!

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

gordon † nathan

gordon † nathan's profile picture

using specifically the cursor!!

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Crimson's profile picture

using! (the cursor bit that is :3, such a cool idea!!)

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Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria's profile picture


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oh u made it ur own! awesome!

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report


Pastel 's profile picture

Using! thanks sm, it's so cute

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S t e v i e

S t e v i e's profile picture

Thank you for posting this! I'm currently using it.

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nessa <3

nessa <3's profile picture

so cute

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thx! glad u like it

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

Christine Gundy

Christine Gundy's profile picture

i love this layout i put it for mine if thats okay thank so much for making this layout

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omg! thanks! sory i deleted ur friendsrequest bc it was private! i only add people that are not minors lol

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

Aunty Christy

Aunty Christy's profile picture

I love the look I wish i could use it on my fetlife page

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Cambria Maeve

Cambria Maeve's profile picture

Love it!

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k4tt (^_-)

k4tt (^_-)'s profile picture

oml im gonna use this rn, thank youuu ^~^

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RAD! thanks for choosing one of my layouts! this one is def one of my faves!

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

eszter <3

eszter <3's profile picture

this is so cute, gonna use it! thank you so much :)

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Im so glad you like it! :D it looks great on your profile!

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report


Chinita's profile picture

I love this layout but for some reason it goes back to the regular layout any reason why that happens?

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no clue! But i checked your page and it seems fine on my end?

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

so i just simplified the code a bit, maybe there we're some conflicting variables. just tested it and it works fine on chrome.

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report

okay I got it thank you!

by Chinita; ; Report

Stephanie Til Death

Stephanie Til Death's profile picture

love this!

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Thanks!! ^-^

by TonyTheTiger­čÉ»; ; Report