OG XBOX Startup intro

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MORE VIDEOGAME INTROZZZ Again sorry for many intros lol. I tought of stopping, but this one so badass xd. Works in profile and blog, no credit needed. (only give if u want) Preview: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=876252 tell me if not working so i can see what can i do, making more of these later x3


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wiispy!! the weapon

wiispy!! the weapon's profile picture


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how do I change how long it is?

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Hyia! look in the code for a part who says your animation, my code in here is 8 seconds, look for a number 8, and will be there 3 codes. change da code who say 8s to any second you want

DO NOT, change the other codes, i broke one of my blog with it and had to delete lol DX

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report


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These are so awesome, are there any other game consoles you plan on making intro gif codes for?

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hmmm not yet, but im trying to find some new and cool ideas for those. but if you have an idea id love to see ^-^

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report

I was considering asking if doing a PS1 intro is possible because you did the go Xbox and the PS2, maybe even other consoles like the Dreamcast or the GCN? But I'll leave it to you if you're still interested in making any console intros since I don't wanna pressure you into that lol

by TiredNinjaSquall; ; Report

*OG Xbox, oops

by TiredNinjaSquall; ; Report

sure! im doing rn, im tellin when finished

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report

Hiii sorry fo taking long time, but i made Ps1 intro! might make others l8er

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report

awesome!!! and it's no problem at all, thanks for making one!!

by TiredNinjaSquall; ; Report

Yw :3

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report