my current halloween-themed layout (9/1/23)

Tags: halloween, gif, layout, spooky, autumn, fall, orange, blue, black, purple


the layout im currently using wasn't coded by me!! this is a festive layout!! ill be changing it once fall's over (RIP 😭😭🪦🪦) - NOTE: you don't have to comment 'using' since i don't take full credit for this. if there's anything specific you're taking from my layout code's - or if you're taking it entirely - please take the time to find the individuals' profiles and comment 'using' on the layouts that helped me make mine <33 credits below: @lynn 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ( @zombieboycoal ( @ANGEL ( @bap!'s css workshop <3 ( @voxnaa (

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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