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degenerate (4chan) layout

Tags: 4chan, meme, memes, internet, yotsuba, simple


messy code based off of (in)famous website 4chan i made for fun. no need 2 credit me!!!!!!!!!!! (=^-ฯ‰-^=)b (unless u r gonna publish it which in that case ahem hem). feel free to edit to your likings and/or snag some code for ur profile :3
inspired by tumblr user 5ppi's degenerate theme (4chan) and spacehey user philosoraptor's 4chan image board

24 mar 2024: hey actual "commentary" here. first off, thanks for using this layout! im not proud of this layout, and im a bit sick of getting notifications for it and coming across profiles that use this layout, but ive met lots of nice people through this layout, and it means too much to me for me to just delete it. i'd like it if from now on people didnt comment on this if theyre using but i cant stop anyone so go ahead. also i dont use 4chan

4 apr 2024: ZENO???????????????????????????????????????????


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