Just A Bit Silly (Weirdcore Theme)

Tags: weird, weirdcore


Maybe not entirely weirdcore, but still fun.


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I'd like to use this but change a couple of the images, is that okay?

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Yeah, totally

by ✨Orionnn✨; ; Report

ok ty!! using it

by JUNIPER; ; Report

How do I do this? I don't know HTML :(

by saulcalliope; ; Report

if u wanna swap images you have to find where in the code the image urls are kept. I think nearly all urls in this code are for the images so just search for those, and check those links to see which pic they go to and what area on the page they affect.

Any image you want to upload also needs its own url, so you have to store it somewhere. I just dumped mine into a discord server and used their discord links

by JUNIPER; ; Report

Awesome, thank you!

by saulcalliope; ; Report

Awesome, thank you!

by saulcalliope; ; Report


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using this!!! i love weird core hehehehe

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