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Get a breath of fresh air with this layout. If you use this layout, feel free to give me a comment or even follow me!


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DeerInUrBackyard's profile picture

Omg this is so perfect! Amazing job!!

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Stephdc78's profile picture

Not finding what I am actually looking for. This made my Top 10 list of the one's available that I would pick in leiu of my preference. Your layout (more opaque-ish sections over the layout) is more of the type of overall layout that I look for )as I do not like clear section boxes over the you can't see the words lettering so well). THANK YOU for sharing and allowing others to use it!

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Perky Perkins

Perky Perkins's profile picture

It fits for what we're looking for at the moment! Yay!

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Brandon Blevins

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Big fan! This is great!

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ge0dudeXD's profile picture

Love it bro, thank you!!

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ash lynx

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WOAH! i love the flowers on this one!

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