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2000s mcbling glitz n' glam

Tags: 2000s, 00s, y2k, pink, playboy, louis vuitton, pop culture, glitter, iconic, mcbling


this is my 1st layout ever!! it's pretty good 4 my first try @ coding and html/css stuff, i must say!

i wanted it 2 b a 2000s themed layout, w/ a few grunge/punk/rave/goth/emo/scene elements. basically i wanted it 2 look like og myspace c. 2004-2007.

if u r interested in using my layout, plz give me credit on ur profile, and if u want 2, add me!!

hope u like it, and i hope 2 make bigger and better layouts in the future!!

i luv u sm!! 💓💓


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live laugh love mcbling!

live laugh love mcbling!'s profile picture


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† Minxie †

† Minxie †'s profile picture

Using and absolutely loving this!! Thanx youuu!

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♡leti_luv♡'s profile picture

gonna use!!

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deff will use

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Molly Curtis

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craig tucker

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luvs it!!

by addy allure; ; Report


Eden's profile picture

yas queen!

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thank u luv!!

by addy allure; ; Report


Kiki's profile picture

Perfect for me, thank you!

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ur welcome!!

by addy allure; ; Report


jst.titiii's profile picture

new here, and using ;)

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that's hot!!

by addy allure; ; Report


Ghostgirl's profile picture

gonna use i think

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by addy allure; ; Report


ciara<3's profile picture

this is so freaking adorbs, using <33

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luvs it!!

by addy allure; ; Report

Alex Baybee

Alex Baybee's profile picture

This is so cute and such a Y2K aesthetic. Brings me back to being a kid having no business on MySpace lol. I used it.

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luvs it!! thank u sm!!

by addy allure; ; Report

Sk8ter ♪(^∇^*)

Sk8ter ♪(^∇^*)'s profile picture

I'm going to use this layout! It's so cute.

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thank u!! glad u luv!!

by addy allure; ; Report


D0llbaby's profile picture

hey luv I added your dope layout and I will credit you once i know how the hell to do that lol when my hacker bf comes back from lunch brake he will help me out

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luvs it!!

by addy allure; ; Report

Amber Whitfield

Amber Whitfield's profile picture

going to use this layout. it is amazing. may edit it some as well . I'm still learning all about coding.

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thank u sm!! just don't 4get 2 credit me 4 the layout. btw, i'm still learning all the coding stuff, i plan 2 make more layouts soon.

by addy allure; ; Report

how do i credit you? cause i leave the person who creates the layouts, name in the layout.

by Amber Whitfield; ; Report

just say the layout was cre8ed by me in the "abt me" section of ur profile.

by addy allure; ; Report

AWESOME thanks

by Amber Whitfield; ; Report


uselessetup's profile picture

That's super cute!

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ikr? it is. thank u!!

by addy allure; ; Report

Burger Baè

Burger Baè's profile picture

i'm gonna use it but ill edit it a bit, you did a amazing job

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it's all good. thank u btw!!

by addy allure; ; Report