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Space Layout

Tags: space, travel, cyan, bela


Feel free to customize as you wish.
If you have any questions, please comment below or go to my blog here.

✧ I appreciate your comments ŲŠ(āš‘❛ᴗ❛āš‘)Ûļ

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Hamed M.

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this is on another level!!!!!!! super cool

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Hamed M.

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this is on another level!!!!!!! super cool

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THIS IS AMAZBALLS!!! It's cool as hell so I decided to use it. Thank you.

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I'm using your layout, and will probably keep it but slowly modify it over time. This is the most unique, good looking, layout I've seen here. Thank you so much for making it!

... Also, you're great! :D I love website development, but somehow I ended up a programmer. I'm looking forward to getting back into some HTML here, and your tips/advice are really helpful. Thank you!!! :3

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I think you've done an amazing job with it. Tbh I got frustrated with it and just posted it like that lol sorry xD
but I'm glad you like it and are making it look better. I appreciate you for saying that, I'm just getting started with this all too so no worries, I'm learning as I go too. :)

by Bela 🔊âŦ†; ; Report

I really think you did a great job. It's so different from the other layouts I've seen, and it all fits together so well.

If you don't mind me asking, what were you getting frustrated with?

I'm only just getting back into css and html a little as I work on making my profile perfect, but I'd be happy to share knowledge with you and talk about things like this, if you want!

by Lailoken; ; Report

ash lynx

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Thank you!!

by Bela 🔊âŦ†; ; Report