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Spacehey 2.0 Gloss - Pink

Tags: simple, layout, vista, pink, purple, gloss, glossy, 2000s, futuristic


     Thanks for checking out my layout! This layout is inspired by Windows Vista and websites made around the early 2000's that had a lot of gloss in their designs. I became inspired to make it while looking at the Yahoo 5.5 UI

    This is literally just a recolor of my Spacehey 2.0 Gloss layout. Sorry if it's a bit low effort, I just wanted to share some color variations for my layouts since I think it would be nice for our non-coding users who want a different color, but don't know how to make one.


"Do I have to credit you?"

- No, this layout is free to use, edit, and dissect. If you claim it as yours, then that's something you'll have to deal with. Not me. I do appreciate kudos, though!

"Where do I ask you for help with editing/reading the code?"

- You can email me or you can leave a comment here. Please don't add me just to leave a comment on my profile asking for help with CSS; it's just impolite. If you're going to friend me to ask for help, at least be secretive about it and IM me instead of making our convo public.


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