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Simple Pink Layout with Scrollable Comment Section

Tags: pink, simple, scroll, cute


This was really fun to make, I can't believe I finally figured out how to make my own layouts! This one is very simple. I added a scrollbar to the comment section because I like having a concise looking comment section. Mine was getting pretty long.

Edit to add: On Chrome, the online image is pink as I intended, but I just noticed that on my other browser, Pale Moon, it is still green. I tried changing that with the "!important" thing, but it didn't work. Sorry about that, if you are using Pale Moon. I don't know if that will be the same with other Firefox forks, I'll check later.


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using tysm < 3

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Using!( ´ ▽ ` )b

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using <3

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seraphim 's profile picture

used it! (i changed the colors around,,, pls lmk if you're not ok with that!)

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I'm totally okay with that, I encourage it even!

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report


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using! thank you.

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Y U N A ♡ 유나

Y U N A ♡ 유나's profile picture

I freaking love this. Just put it as layout for my profile and I’m completely IN LOVE. This is exactly what I needed to for my pink - minimal - clean aesthetic. Thank you so much for making this. 🙏🏻💖

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My pleasure, I'm so happy you like it! :D

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report

Dalu xP

Dalu xP 's profile picture

THIS SO CUTE, probably use it

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freya ୨୧

freya ୨୧'s profile picture

THIS IS SO COOL THNAK U FOR MAKING THIS ^_^ will definitely be using

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looks awesome !!

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heyy im gonna use!! so cuteee

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r.o.u.s.'s profile picture

these are really cute! is a black/gray toned one possible? i would totally use them :)

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How's this one? cute grey layout

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report

it's great! thank you so much!

by r.o.u.s.; ; Report

My pleasure!

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report

Carley <3

Carley <3's profile picture

This is so cute! Is there any way you could make this in red or red and black? I'd totally use those too

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I got you, I'll work on that tomorrow! :)

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report

Here you go:

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report

Here's another red layout you might like, it's a little darker and you did mention you'd like something red and black.

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report


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So cute!! im gonna use

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Thank you so much! Enjoy!

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report


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totes using !!!

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Please enjoy! It goes well with your profile pic. :)

by Rebecca Jeane; ; Report