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Tags: retro, green, gray, personal computer


I've made this laytout dreaming about Windows95.

In my profile i use one background image, if you want it you can download it here, reupload on your favorite image hosting site and add the link to the appropiate section of css. 

It surely needs some improovements so leave me a feedback, i really appreciate it!

As suggested from ☣️Clu☣️ 
I've implemented the bio like a scrollable window adding an aesthetic scrollbar.
It needs a little fix for the arrow but is quite good for updating the layout.

I'll keep track of code update on my github page.


Layout Screenshot
click on the image for a larger preview

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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prisoner x

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gott-ist-tot's profile picture

this looks very cool, I'll be using :)))

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junkkostanz's profile picture

using!! :)

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chrissie's profile picture

using it!! thank you ^_^

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JOEY's profile picture


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Flynn/Renard's profile picture

will b using this

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maggie's profile picture

will b using this tysm !!

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red's profile picture

hey! i was wondering where you can edit your bio in the code? i'm not very familiar with code so i'm a little confused

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Sorry for late answer, you can edit directly in the section about me!
I've copy'pasted the style in another section!

by TheTrash; ; Report


rraudhatin's profile picture

I am using your layout and it's really awesome! Thank you.

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Ian Ivy

Ian Ivy's profile picture

using now

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Ian Ivy

Ian Ivy's profile picture

using now

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ÜSageÜ's profile picture

I love this sm definitely using this :D

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Berii's profile picture


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nami's profile picture

Como crean?? yo lo quiero intentar :(

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flavoredslush's profile picture

This... I love this. (‐^▽^‐)

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bones Ɛ>

bones Ɛ>'s profile picture

this looks awesome ^-^

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Miss Moss

Miss Moss's profile picture

Nice work! It looks great!

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Thank you man

by TheTrash; ; Report


Shann's profile picture

Hey, this is a very cool layout! I'm using this for my partner's profile, how do I change the bio boxes background to white and make em scrollable like you did yesterday?

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For the background i'll update the css in a wile.
For the "scrollable" you mean to have the bar for scrolling or the text moving left to right and vice versa?

by TheTrash; ; Report

Yes, I meant the scrolling bar sorry XD and thanks!!

by Shann; ; Report

Yo, check my profile and give me the feed if now is quite good.
If your response is positive, i'll update the post!

by TheTrash; ; Report

I love it! :D

by Shann; ; Report

Snap! updated the css part!
Thank You!

by TheTrash; ; Report


【brittany】's profile picture

Thanks for this, looks great! ^_^

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Thank you for the feedback! :D

by TheTrash; ; Report