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Waterfall Wonderment

Tags: waterfall, nature, blue, simple, icytea


Waterfall-themed Layout for those looking for a relaxing atmosphere for your profile!

If you like this layout then please comment below if you used it.
I want to read feedback from you all!

Closer Preview

Disclaimer: I have taken my time to create a simple, yet effective layout for you to modify to your heart's content. You do not need to credit me on your profile publicly. However, do not repost it as your own layout design.


Layout Screenshot
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Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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Kai?'s profile picture

It's pretty I love it! Using! Thank you! :D

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ABRAXAS`(^▼^)´↑'s profile picture

Using this :)

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mahogany <3

mahogany <3's profile picture

this is super pretty ! :D i will be using this def

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🖤💀Sin💀🖤's profile picture

using this!

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emily's profile picture

im usin it rn,, it goes good w my music, i love it!!

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mimikyu's profile picture

this is so goood :) will be using

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max's profile picture

this is gorgeous tysm!

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Harry's profile picture

OMG just made this my layout and it looks so nice! I especially love the transparent bit!

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I added water noises and a starfish cursor tell me what u think

by Harry; ; Report

Good choices!

by IcyTea; ; Report

thanks :)

by Harry; ; Report


Melon's profile picture

Using this, thank you!

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BigShip_NItt's profile picture

very good layout hope to see more from you soon

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Rae's profile picture

I really like the layout it's very soothing!

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FELIX's profile picture

very epic layout! i will be using

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Thank you! I noticed you had my documentation show in your About Me, you can remove it since it's not necessary to keep.

by IcyTea; ; Report

o! okok

by FELIX; ; Report

very beautiful

by andronix6705; ; Report