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compact forest layout

Tags: forest, simple, compact, minimal, serene, calm, suni



shouts out to ash lynx for this pnw suggestion!
compact and simple forest layout.
this layout will hide your
  • url
  • friends
  • comments (including add/view comments text)
  • links
  • profile info (the area at the top where it says "___ is your friend")
  • headers
these can be reversed, pls message me if there's anything you want visible!
i'm still learning and i'll try my best to help y'all out.

includes cursor and online now icon.

**online now icon fixed!**
♥ if you like it/use it, please leave a comment and add me if you'd like!♥

add a link to add comments by copying and pasting in your who i’d like to meet section (or any section!)
<a href="">leave a comment.</a>
your id is found under your account settings :^)

center your text in blurbs by entering
<div align=center>YOUR TEXT HERE</div>
in which ever section you want your text centered!


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