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90’s vaporwave

Tags: vaporwave, retro, lo-if, 90’s, vhs, trippy, black and white


A retro style vaporwave that works well with midnight lofi and brings a chill relaxing vibe with a lot of movement.

It isn’t posting my screenshot for some reason, but it’s the one I use on my profile minus a few details (a few color change in spots (darker boxes)), online symbol is different, and the intro animation isn’t there. I think those are the only differences I believe.

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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BetteringDave's profile picture

Diggin the vibes, and now I'm using it. Thanks

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Dr_0wl's profile picture

dope as fuck

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lis's profile picture

Hi! where can i embed a youtube video or spotify link in your code? im quite new to the coding thing :)

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the snitlist

the snitlist's profile picture

This is really cool!!

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FoxyTheMoon's profile picture

thank you so much

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kai <3

kai <3's profile picture

this looks so cool, i love it!!

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VHSRecord's profile picture

i love this!!!!

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Miku Tour

Miku Tour's profile picture

very beautiful thank you so much

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under construction

under construction's profile picture

Very cool! Love the vibe of this

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Lailoken's profile picture

I like the profile! :D I plan to design my own, but I'm picking several to help inspire what I end up with, and yours is in that list. :3

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Ben Couch

Ben Couch's profile picture

I'm using this one. Amazing work, thanks a lot! :)

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Matt Bird

Matt Bird's profile picture

This rules!

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hunter's profile picture

Awesome! Thanks

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Charmz's profile picture

i love it!!!

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Lunarkitty420's profile picture

Okay, I used this thinking it was the pink layout you have currently.. WHAT IS THE PINK LAYOUT CODE PLS 💕

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I have it posted already! It’s the valentines layout under my layout page

by RiviR; ; Report


emiliano's profile picture

v cool my homie

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Brandon's profile picture

Nice! I'mma just go stare at it for a while.

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DaKnopfler's profile picture

nice one, i love it!

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Ben's profile picture

ty, exactly what i was looking for

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PB Susan

PB Susan's profile picture

Very nice! Thank you for creating.

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