Subtle Background Music Player (no autoplay)

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While playing MP3s or OGGs automatically is nigh impossible, unless you do something evil like cover the screen while the music's not playing so any click starts it (which would be a rule violation as far as I'm aware), this one might catch the attention of a viewer and cause them to play it out of curiosity.
I recommend using internet radio stations for this one – currently, it's loaded with's audio stream, but there's ones out there for stuff like vaporwave and such, so finding one playing whatever you like shouldn't be too much trouble.

Failing that though, you can just upload an mp3 or ogg to a filehost and have it play as a loop once someone clicks.


Layout Screenshot

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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Can someone please give me instructions on how to put my own audio in I appreciate the help I can get ^-^

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Zipper T Bunny

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[OOC] thank you so much! I'm using this RN! I can finally have Zipperlicious on my page once again. 😌

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this is so cool! tysm.

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I'm having such a hard time adding music to my page even using your player 😩

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You can always embed a youtube video

by XxCaliConquestxX; ; Report


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so cool!!

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this is cool :0

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xAnDEr... ?!

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thank u!!!

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majime yamashita

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thank u!!

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Princess Of Destiny

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thank You!

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Is there a way to file host for this from Kodi?

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Zev Rosenberg

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Where do you locate the mp3 player on your profile? I am having issues.

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Your profile has a layout that uses a filter over everything. Due to...something, I guess, putting things on position:fixed or position:absolute while they're under a filter doesn't work. Sorry!

by Twilight Sparkle; ; Report

Curtis Sillo

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Not Bad!

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sɐɾoɹ uᴉʌǝk

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Hell yeah!!

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zielakjr music

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I copied and pasted the code on its own and with an MP3 url; can't get it to work. Working for anyone else??

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Works on your page for me, but you might have to upload a converted ogg version — not everything can play mp3s! Here's a good site for doing so!

by Twilight Sparkle; ; Report

I tweaked it a little bit, but yeah, finally got it to work! Thanks for checking it out.

by; ; Report

Frances Matcheson ×Crowx

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Definitely gonna try this out. Thank you!

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Manda Malice

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Using!! Thank you!!

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