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VALENTINE'S DAY - MovingHeartz

Tags: runningfromlionz, mike, mikey, layout, layouts, vday, valentine's day, holiday, hearts, pink


Click HERE to view & get the code!

Only because I use live-full previews of the layouts, they look best there.

Make sure to have your sound on when previewing, there's songs with the layout previewz!



1. Click the link above
2. React to 'Da Rulez'
3. Find the Category Listed
4. Click the Layout of Your Choice & The Code Will Be On The Preview
5. I suggest pasting the code into your 'Heroes' section!
6. Voila!  A New Layout (: Thanks!


Layout Screenshot
click on the image for a larger preview

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

Caution: This Layout was not inspected by SpaceHey — use it at your own risk.


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Nancita ♡

Nancita ♡'s profile picture

This is perfect! Thank you

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of course! (: thank you!

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report


Tmula💰's profile picture

This is so hard

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BADA$$HLEY's profile picture

Hiiii! Sorry to keep asking for help just one more thing! I’ve noticed that where you post a status isn’t showing, is it supposed to be like that? Or am I just not doing this right

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I think it's just like that, when you say status, what exactly do you mean?

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report

It’s supposed to be showing right by your profile picture? Idk if I’m making sense… if you look on my profile right next to my picture it’s like blank. Right there is supposed show when you write a status. I’m sorry if what I’m saying doesn’t make sense. I’m wondering if it shows like it’s blank on my end…

by BADA$$HLEY; ; Report

Hmmm, is it the quote on your profile that says "no negative shit" ?

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report

Yes! Lol omg so you be can see it on your end? it’s probably on my end I can’t see also maybe because I use my phone to go in here.

by BADA$$HLEY; ; Report


JMONEY's profile picture

Hi, I'm having a hard time changing my layout to your valentine themed layout, any way you can help me? I've pasted the code in the 'about me' section and nothing changes.

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Hey love! I have instructions on the website on how and where to paste it, but I would recommend pasting the code in the 'Heroes' section, it just tends to work better there! I hope this helped!

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report

Hey babes! So I was having the same problem and I did put it in the hero’s section. I’ve noticed that if you had a layout and changing it to a different one, what worked for me was I deleted the previous layout then pushed “saved all” then put the new layout. Hope that helps too if you haven’t been able to get it yet

by BADA$$HLEY; ; Report

Thanks, lovelies!
I have finally been able to modify my layout and it's all thanks to the advice

by JMONEY; ; Report


BADA$$HLEY's profile picture

Hi there! Using this layout and love all of your layouts ️ But I was wondering if you could tell me how to show my friends? :)

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try taking this out of the code (: thanks for letting me know!

.friends {
overflow: scroll;
height: 50px;

.friends::-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none;

.friends {
-ms-overflow-style: none; /* IE and Edge */
scrollbar-width: none; /* Firefox */

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report

Thank you!!!

by BADA$$HLEY; ; Report


samekichi's profile picture

using dis

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Twazy's profile picture

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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of course! enjoy (:

by LIONZ LYTZ; ; Report