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Olive Ink

A simple theme with natural colors themed off of the 2005 Napa Style store site , which I learned about from some textbook I found about web design from like 2003, very interesting. This theme is pretty simple, but I think it works to its benefit, Though I might design a more textured version sometime with bevels on everything and what not. As usual, all the colors used are immediately available t...

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Pip-Boy 3000 (Unfinished)

A Fallout style theme for your page with the vegas horizon in the distance and animated scanlines :) I'm planning on updating the frame for the pipboy and maybe adding some smudges onscreen and improving the appearance on mobile, but I feel like it's more than usable by this point. ALSO! check out the code when you put it in your page! since it's monochrome, you can use some of the filters I put i...

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Festival Marketplace

Theme based after vintage supermarkets from the 80's and 90's. It's sort of an amalgamation of things I found in photos on the Cari site , and a mishmash of elements that don't work too well together but look nice anyways. This is a very nice theme to use if you want your page to look like the store your grandma goes to to buy groceries! ALSO , ALL the colors that aren't used on the lattice backgr...

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Danganronpa 2 Music Player

Music Player themed after Danganronpa and meant to go with this theme. You can still use it separately with your own theme, though. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Get your video, and copy the string of text after 'watch?v='. Ctl+f find "ENTER_YOUR_VIDEO_CODE_HERE" in the video player code below. Replace the text with your code from the video and the player should work! For some reason, though, Autoplay and...

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Danganronpa 2 - e-Handbook

Theme based off of the e-Handbook and main menu from Danganronpa 2. The gradient in the background is actually based off of the loading screen, and it's the only gradient in the code so you should be able to change those colors if you ctl+f for "linear-gradient". Delete the 'cursor' line from the CSS if you don't like the reticle. Unfortunately, my code was really messy, so I might clean it up SOM...

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