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Profile picture constantly zooming in

The code will make your profile picture constantly zoom, this will make it look big for a few seconds, and then it returns to its original state, in the parts that say "scale" you can change the values to make it bigger, smaller, etc. It also adds rounded edges to the profile picture, although they can be removed in the code. If you liked it please say so in the comments, and if you use it please ...

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Bouncing profile picture

What the code itself does is that it will give the profile picture some slight rounded edges, although if you know html and css you can reduce or increase it, and also, it makes the profile picture constantly bounce. If you liked it please say so in the comments, and if you use it please say "Using" or something like that so I know that people do like this stuff and so I can do more things like th...

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Large animated text in "About Me"

The code will add a large animated text in the "About Me" section, although if you want, you can put it elsewhere as in the "Who would I like to meet" section, the animation is very simple, it is an animation which makes this text move up and down over and over again, if you know a little bit of HTML you can change the animation. At the end of the code there is a part where what matters appears, a...

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Gif icon Windows 95 meme Nyan Cat

It is a layout which puts a gif where the Windows 95 icon appears with the style of that famous Nyan Cat meme, it is very nice but simple, it also combines well with those designs full of colors and rainbows, perfect if you like memes and computing XD. If you liked it please say so in the comments, and if you use it please say "Using" or something like that so I know that people do like this stuff...

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Animated "Online Now" icon

This is a design inspired by the Online Now icon of the page, since in fact, I took the gif directly from that page, in my opinion it is very beautiful, it replaces the Online icon of your profile with this one, also as it says in the title, it is animated, very simple but beautiful, I hope you like it. (Like I said, the gif is not mine and belongs on page myspace.windows93.n...

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New MySpace icon on profile - Modern

This is something I didn't find, I'm talking about the new MySpace icon, I know it's a bit simple, but I like it, it's minimalist and simple, basically what this design does is replace the SpaceHey icon that appears on the profile with this icon, which would be the new, or modern MySpace icon, this new icon appears in, and it looks great if you combine it with a minimalist design, sinc...

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"facebook" icon on profile

What this design does is that it replaces the icon that says "SpaceHey" on the profile with this icon, which is an icon that shows letters that say "facebook", it is simple but beautiful, and it looks good when you combine it with a layout inspired by the old facebook, also, if you use it with a blue design, it looks phenomenal, for example, if you combine it with SpaceHey's default design, it loo...

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Classic MySpace icon for your profile

I know that there are several similar designs, in fact, I was looking for something similar to this among all the layouts, but the ones I found were not well made, they looked stretched, pixelated, poor quality, very small, etc. And that's why I've decided to make this design, it's a very good design, very neat, this layout replaces the SpaceHey icon that appears at the top left of the profile wit...

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"Download" icon in Online Now

Hi, this is my first design, I really don't know if you like it or not, if you like it please let me know in the comments, it's very simple, just replace the "Online Now" icon with an image that says "Download", hope you enjoy it :D

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