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dantendo dsi (not a copyright infringement)

live preview Dantendo 20/03 11:11 START SELECT POWER this was something i did a very long time ago and didnt release and i looked at the code and it jumpscared me it was so ugly so i took the entire day to redo it . has nice features and you can customize Everything .. it works as a lil bio thing i think WARNING: tabs don't work on firefox sadly ... all my stuff is working on webkit based browsers...

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guh too tired for a description maybelater

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old 'scrapped' layout ... might be buggy . or not i don't really remember ... i'm thinking of slowly uploading layouts i have in my scrapped folder while i come up withsomething else to code i think it also made it mobile friendly at some point .... ??? ... might have performance issues on potatoes , lots of overlays

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meaning: interweb i am obsessed with japanese web design... soo i tried something inspired by it. it doesn't have a direct inspiration... the layout just... wrote itself naturally.... features: -customizable! i have made only two themes since i couldn't think of anything else... but you can customize it on your own too!! place your own banner, (side) background and accent color overall!! -(fake)in...

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my own message app... phone included.... disclaimer: i have never owned an iphone before, i do not know what is imessage this is dmessage features: create your own chat log :3 you can use this as some... q&a little thingy about yourself, or something really stupid!! you know i love the latter change profile and contact name to whatever u like ! also... click on the profile to show a bigger pic ^_^...

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a really squeezed layout with tabs and easy customization ~ design wise, it's inspired by early 2000s little sites! the name itself comes from the direct inspiration, a radiohead fansite, "greenplastic" (specifically the 2000 version). i loved the simplicity of the design, and i started doing something inspired by it... and ended up coming up with a way of doing a tab-based layout using hover stat...

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dokia 6060 flipphone

hey, i know the name sounds goofy but i'm no copyright infringer you know i love silly stuff with almost no purpose and spending two days coding it! it fills me with serotonininin here's my OWN flip phone that i did NOT steal it's design from a brand which their name is coincidentally close to my own brand's name! FEATURES: pocket sized! futuristic design! click on her to close/open! i had to give...

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w98 cd player

have you ever gone "i need more useless stuff on my profile!"? well, i also went "which useless thing do i waste my time on?" so here's a windows 98 inspired overcomplicated cd player!!! icould have just taken a screenshot and plastered it across a div but i had to Do it entirely preview CD Player D isc V iew O ptions H elp [00] 00:00 ▶ ❚❚ ◼ ❚◄◄ ◄◄ ►► ►►❚ ❚ ► A rtist: Title: Total Play: 00:00 m:s ...

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berry ds

more layouts! a layout inspired by cute girly japanese ds game ui designs !!!!! that was lot features umm... pink title mmhm some graphics were found on glittergraphics or tumblr feel free to report any glitches or bugs n i'll fix it Immediately :3

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windows 7 aero glass desktop

more layouts! Windows 7 - Aero Glass UPDATE 10/21/23: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR USING THIS!!!!! since a lot of cool people are using it, i updated the code to be mobile-friendly too ^_^ so sorry if it was borked on mobileee i was still learning...... i still am re-copy and paste the code to see changes :D UPDATE 11/27/23: oh lord. This might not be mobile friendly at all . Actually none of my layouts ...

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more layouts! umm yeah i had no reason i just had a shower thought it is of course containment breach inspired !!!!! like . the game.!!!!

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youtube 2008-ish ? layout

more layouts! I Love old youtube!!!! the main thing about this layout is it's customization!! ^_^ make sure you check the code (yeah, it's long cause it changes almost Everything) and place your custom images!! you can place a custom gif on the video preview, and custom thumbnails on the interests section :3 again, the code is LONG so it's minified, compressed as much as i could. place it at the f...

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björk - post

more layouts! was bored, loved björk maybe still a wip? (please don't make fun of the code formatting i know it's a lil mess, too lazy to organize) vertical banner and bg can be customized changing the url in customization section of the code !!! feel free to edit, reupload is ok credit not needed but appreciated

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animated nyan cat cursor

a code i made to showcase my animated cursor guide !! cursor made by preview:

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team fortress 2 layout real

more layouts! a tf2 main menu layout because i was bored FEATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 custom badge, class and background option if you get a notification, the alert icon will show up working(?) gui elements: -party chat button: home page -find a game button: help page -quit button: logout -mail button: blog posts -contacts/live stream buttons: home page, again -items button: tibush labs -shop button:...

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