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Pastel Purple layout (its lavender really but eh)

Oh look, i made another layout, i would've gotten this done sooner, however i forgot to save the progress from the other night, so i remade it. I added credits of all the assets i have used, you can remove that and the garbled mess i wrote down earlier if you want, idm. if you use, please let me know!! i spent all night doing this

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Snom Layout

So this is my first attempt of a layout, and i did it based on my comfort pokemon, snom. I wanna be clear that I have no clue if it genuinely works or not, it seems to whilst testing, but if not, please let me know, obviously you can change things if you dont like what's on it, but please credit me/let me know if used. yes it is a jumbled mess, im sorry lmao

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