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um, im dead! (sonic riders sonic fandub quote blinkie XD)

sonic sayz this in sonic riders snapcube dub hehgehhahea g bbfvfdgfbg bbf

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THE ANIMALS THEY FUCKED MY WIFE :( (sonic fandub snapcube quote stamp thing)

this is like my favorite quote its so out of context and out of pocket XD

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there is so much VISIBLE blood! (sonic fandub blinkie quote)

my arms and hands adn fingers hurt from ttyping ow

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im knuckless, fuck u fuck u fuck u sonic fandub blinkie quote hehe

im pumping out these sonic fandub blinkies like a crazy person. cuz i am. anyways it was sad cuz its kinda coming out of the blinkie but i tried my best

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fuck you, your going to space (sonic fandub blinkie lol)

this quote is from the shadow the hedgehog fandub one where "the devil" sends shadow to space lmao X3

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IS THAT WHAT A HOUSE LOOKS LIKE?! Blaze Snapcube button/stamp <3

this is a reference to Snapcube if you didn't know. :3

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tilted towers mephiles stamp XD

snapcube sonic fandub mephiles "i get so tilted at the towers" LMAO anywayzz-

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Haha, one! snapcube sonic fandub stamp thing

I used a website to make this, but I figured out the coding and such.

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