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Kiss Me Again-Roy Bee

Yup! another #AryanClassic

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Ice Cube - Wicked

Best song ice cube has ever created hes a madlad i wish i have a chance to see him

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2Pac - Cant't C Me

i love old songs tupac made he was a real lyrical genius sadly he passed away,never wanted for him to have that beef with biggie R.I.P

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no one is a lil darkie fan if they dont have atleast 98 mental illnesses sadly i couldnt get into his concert :C

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POSTAL Redux Rampage OST-Temporomandibular Grind

Im a big Postal fan and as a postal fan i made a layout to show my interest in the 2016 game which is just a Postal game made in 1997 but with HD Movements and shit knows what and this soundtrack just makes me want to punch a baby

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Vaudeville Villain-MF DOOM

RudeJackArt has revived the old but gold MF Dooms album Vaudeville Villain with dont hug me im scared animations i was flabbergasted so i made a layout for yall

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Deep Cover - Dr.Dre feat.Snoop Dogg |High Quality|

i was listening to old Grand Theft Auto San Andreas music radio and then deep cover got my attention like the old dayz :D

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Aqua-Candyman Franzj Nightcore/Sped up

i really enjoy this song whenever franzj plays csgo lmao so i made a autoplay so u can put it on ur profiles :P I hope you will like it ver much or dont...

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Code Red-18 autoplay music

its my first layout i hope it works 1.If it doesnt start imediattely wait a second OR 2.just turn the volume UP or DOWN a little

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