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"feeling the emo urge to start a posthardcore band..."

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nice and dark

just another layout. my best? nah. its cool tho. test here . the screnshot looks off center but the real thing is not one last thing, where your user name is it will look like its not in the box when youre logged in but to others it will be in the profile box update: i have no clue why there isnt an icon next to forward to friends and i will attempt to fix it soon

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kingdom hearts layout

some layout i did upon request.. i have no life guys please ask me to make you things!! xD. test here link

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mad rad hair [.] com layout

a layout based on the 2006 mad rad hair website theme

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final fantasy layout

someone gave me some photos and stuff and i made this with it. i think its pretty good this time. the image i originally wanted to put in the contact section would not show up no matter how many tricks i tried so instead we will have that bird guy there 

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emo stuff again

can you tell i have no life? i have made like 8 layouts buy now. test here

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green checkerboard theme

i just thought one day that i wanted to make a nice layout ive seen on pinterest . so i did. test here

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rainbow receptacle

i spent all day wasting my life to make this, i hope youre happy. it was a lot of work. its probably the most visually appealing one ive made in my opinion. all the backgrounds arent too much or too little. they are the perfect amount of crazy pattern. test here  and here

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kirby layout

its not my best but heyyy thats what happens when i try to be original!! thats why im good at taking myspace layouts and making them spacehey layouts!! test here update: removed the navigations blue shadow behind words

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a cool layout

yeah inspired off of this!! test with this

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pikachu layout

my next abomination ive created!! i just say that bc the pictures are low quality and i couldnt find crisp 4k definition background photos. test here .

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galaxy star stuff

i am very proud of myself for this one. i can be original, kinda!!! wow!!!! i really like how it turned out. the font really goes with the vibe! test it here

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brokeNCYDE fanpage layout

lately im just feeling like brokencydes members are my role models and i wanna dress just like them for some reason so i made this spectacular thing. basically a copy of brokencydes myspace layout from 2007  but a little more fancy. and of course this comes with brokencyde banners and song!  copy and paste the banners and video into your music section. do not put the banners or video into the abou...

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emo peepeepoopoo

just black and white. test here or maybe  here . im having fun wasting my life making these!! was originally inspired off of this . i just fixed the background problem update: just got rid of the text shadow in the navigation bar

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fatal frame layout

some person wanted me to make this because they lost their account i think? idk. but a few days later their account disapeared from my friend list and so i took the creative liberty to change it up and make it how i wanted it to be instead of what they asked for becus they probably dont want it anymore ig? test it here . 

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simple scene

just a simple scene layout i made. i think its scene at least... its not too crazy but it still has that emo flavor in it. i like how it turned out. the theme is clear!! i tried to get an un watermarked photo for the background that now has spider webs (it was originally gonna be more skulls) but i didnt find any i liked without a water mark and i searched for a LONG time so... enjoy!! test here ....

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hurts like breathing

i took this  and made it into a layout that can work in spacehey! if you want the background to always be on screen and not just at the bottom go to "body" and right under that change "scroll" to "fixed". you can test it here ,  here or here this is like the billionth time ive updated this and now its fixed again. spacehey decided to not use the background urls... might update it again. if you wan...

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