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"Being Hyperfixated 😪"

Idk what 2 put here... no one 18+ pls?

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DEVIL NOBODY //// Stomach Book

"Can't you see? All I really wanna be Is just your angel folding at the knees"

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Casket Kids ///// Stomach Book

"I don't care anymore, so do what you must. Just please just stop staring at my body in disgust."

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One Wheat mark // Truckstoptiger Loading Screen

comment if using,,, not my art, blah blah blahhhhhhh (sorry for the bad quality not much i can do abt that bruv)-------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdGnm2va9xc

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Race // Alex G

Pls comment if using!! (Plays full 'Race" album, scroll to the bottom to remove)

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Who Really Cares // TV Girl

Pls comment if using!! (Also, it plays the entire 'Who Really Cares' Album, and if you want to remove it scroll to the bottom and it will be sectioned off)

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Brown Stars / nature theme

Pls comment if using (sound not included)

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Don't make me have to chase after you /// Alex G

"Shot through the heart, and through the head."

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Pretty Girl (Sunday Cruise)

I think it feels different To let you beside me Your common consistence Don't blink or you'll miss this There's something too lovely The way your words hold me You caught me, I'm crying You're catching the tears from flying Hold me, pretty girl I'm pretty much over my head You got me with a look That can kill and make me die again You're something that I wanted And I'm wrapped around your finger H...

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