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ugly unreadable scene layout

a tacky super bright scene layot with autoplayers with a scenemo playlist, custom icons, spotify embeds, custom cursor, cd pfp, floating page animation + more lmk if theres any errors!! please keep my credits in the code

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paste pinkl / regal layout

a princess-ey layout, complete with; custom pixel icons, autoplayer playing merry-go-round of life from howls moving castle, floating page animation, custom logo cover, heart pfp, bonus page boxes, spotify embed + more !! please keep my credits in the code

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Kokomi / Jellyfish Layout!!

a pastel layout inspire by Kokomi includes: floting page animation, heart pfp, custom cursor, autoplayer with genshin impact ost, spotify embeds, bonus header + image box, custom pixel icons + so much more !! please keep my credits in the code!!

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Mindless Self Indulgence Logo

a logo cover feating the msi zombie girl and some... inspirational words sorry for the bad cover image!! actual logo is transparent dw

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Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI) Layout

a layout inspired by msi!! complete with a custome logo, cd pfp, autoplayer with a playlist of the best msi songs, custom pixel icons, floating page animation, extra image boxes + more please keep my credits in the code

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Kawaiicore / Cutecore layout <3

a sugary sweet layout complete with a custom strawberry cusor, pixel icons, floating page animation, heart shaped pfp, a custom kawaii playlist autoplayer, extra image boxes, spotify embeds + much more please keep my credits in the code

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MCR, Black Parade layout (TBP)

a black parade inspired layout complete with an autoplayer; playing all of tbp album, floating page animations, tbp mv loading screen, animated heart pfp, custom cursor, extra image boxes, spotify embed spots + more!! please keep my credits on the page

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Vampy / emo layout

a catoon gorey layout, complete with custom cursor, sally face autoplayer, spotify embeds, floating page, extra image boxes, custom heart pfp animation and so much more please keep my page credits on / in ur general+ sections

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Readable Scene Layout!!

a scene/rainbow core layout. complete with autoplayer ( set to play DONTTRUSTME) but can be changed playlist embed, floating page, gif animations, spinning star pfp + much more please use credits somewhere on your page if using since im new and wanna get my layouts out there :)

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