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"ambition in the back of a black car"

professional tom luver & official meowmeow!!!

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Mood: the cure coded and also at school and missing my acnh villagers

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kawaii pink layout!!

i made this really quickly but its cute so ya :P pic is still on genericprofileeditor cuz im lazy

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take a vacation! - the young veins

hi!! this is a layout based off of the album take a vacation by the young veins :) i'm planning on doing the other album cover at some point but. yeah!! there's also a picture of jon + ryan at the bottom, you can't really see it though because of the banner :P

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winter emo-ish layout!!!

hi !!! this is the layout i'm using 4 my profile rn!! i'm jus puttin it here in case any1 wantz it :3 santa hat is included but to remove it just remove tha ".general-about .profile-pic::before{" part and everything under it!!

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infinity on high !!

based off of the album infinity on high by fall out boy :3

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this is my old layout that i used on my profile,,, i made a new layout but i still like this one so i'm putting it here in case someone also wants to use it !!

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infamous motionless in white

uh . yeah . lol. infamous is so underrated ngl sorry abt no img

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rainbow star / confetti !!!!!

uhmm idk i made this a while ago but its cute so here u go :p

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a fever you cant sweat out layout yo !!!

hi!! so this is kinda lazy and looks a little rouch ad im sorry about that BUT it comes w a rose cursor and lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off autoplay!! no credit is needed, and feel free to change anything youd like!

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black and red emo layout yo!!

uhm yeah what the title says . this def isnt my best but its kinda cute so i mean aehifhrwfi

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uhmm rainbow star layout thing??

tbh idk what this is but i made it and i like it and it has a club penguin dancing gif okay i dont KNOW UAGUHDYGH

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nyan cat layout x3

lawl i created this pretty quickly n when i was upset so it doesnt rlly look good but oh well qwq it has a diamond mc sword cursor lawl no credit needed &hearts;

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autoplay for youtube!

in case you guys dont go into the blog section, heres a yt embed autoplay code! note this does not work for safari.  you also will not be able to see the video but you can change that with the width and height :)) just remove the ##yt id## and replace it with the last part of the url of ur yt video, so for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(UvfNmXbVHi4)

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