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Cute Pink w/ pixel flower background

Back with another pink layout! This time, I made the background myself in MSPaint, and my code is a lot less messy. I hope you like it! Edit: changed image host.

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Windows Classic pink (not finished, use at your own risk lmao)

This is a lazy recoloring of my Windows Classic blue layout. I don't feel like tweaking it anymore right now, and I'm exploring other people's layouts. I will post a picture when the layout is complete.

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Windows Classic with blue flowers background

I tried to fit the whole profile section in one viewable window, just as an idea. :) Please enjoy. Edit: fixed some elements that I didn't notice before. 2nd edit: changed the images host.

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Magenta Glitter Layout

Something new I've had in mind for a few months but only last night brought to fruition. Comes with a cute animated heart cursor. Please enjoy!

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Cute Layout in Gray <3

This is the grey version of my simple pink layout ( here ), as requested. :)

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Red Gradient Layout

This is the red version of my purple gradient layout. As with all my layouts, it has a scrollable comment section so your page won't go on forever and ever to the depths of hell with all the comments. :)

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Cute Red Layout

This is a red version of my pink layout , as requested by a commenter, I hope it serves her and you well.

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Purple Gradient

I don't know about you but I miss gradients that made page elements pop off the page. So I made a layout for that! :D

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Simple Pink Layout with Scrollable Comment Section

This was really fun to make, I can't believe I finally figured out how to make my own layouts! This one is very simple. I added a scrollbar to the comment section because I like having a concise looking comment section. Mine was getting pretty long. Edit to add: On Chrome, the online image is pink as I intended, but I just noticed that on my other browser, Pale Moon, it is still green. I tried cha...

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