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pls use tone tags for me if u can!!

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simple trans flag cursor

a basic trans flag cursor! bigger than the other one i made, but this one doesnt have shading or anything

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(animated) purple ghost online indicator

finally made sth layout related again :3 if the code doesn't work or something, let me know!

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(animated) parappa online indicator!

i originally made this for a ptr themed layout but!! since i deleted that, i decided to at least post the online indicator by itself so i dont forget abt it lol the animation is taken from the game itself, i just added the text!!

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simple trans flag cursor

just a basic small cursor with the trans flag on it o: tell me if theres any problems with the code or something!

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(animated) speech bubble online indicator!!

i just realised i forgot to post this here lol- anyways! its a small animated speech bubble shaped online indicator [:

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small cat online indicator (animated)

a small animated cat online indicator!! if it doesn't work or something then let me know o: (quick edit: super happy to see so many ppl using this!!! thank u :D :D)

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(animated) warning online indicator

a warning window online indicator! if it doesn't work or something let me know!! o:

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blue computer online indicator

an online indicator thing i made! its animated btw. (also tell me if theres any problems with it!) (edit - i dont have the energy to reply to everyone, but thanks for using this!! [: )

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Talking Heads cursor

just paste this somewhere on your profile o: if it doesnt work or something then tell me!

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simple cat cursor

first time posting layout stuff, tell me if theres any problems o: paste this code somewhere on your profile, and you'll have a tiny cat cursor!

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