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don't scroll, gore below!! here are the report links for the gore layouts

https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=107002 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106999 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106990 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106984 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106980 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106979 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106977 https://spacehey.com/report?type=layout&id=106973

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void layout

everything is hidden except necessities (contact box, header, footer, logo, etc.) you'll want to clear your 'about me' and 'who id like to meet' sections of any non-code text!!!!! otherwise it might be clunky!! (i kept the blurbs shown just so you can see a link to edit your profile,, otherwise you wouldnt be able to edit it lolz) if you cant see,, the layout shows only necessary text,, it's in bl...

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green frutiger metro/y2k bulletin layout

same as my blog layout but a lil different to fit bulletinz

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colorful y2k/frutiger metro layout

lotsa colors, lots 2000-2010s type swag !!!!!!!!

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hot pink y2k/frutiger metro layout

looks pretty much jusr like dis!!!!1 enjoy!!!!!!!!

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red y2k/frutiger metro layout

requested by aidoom!! enjoy!! (requests still open, dm me or comment here)

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cutest pink + lil bit of blue layout!!

looks pretty much just like this!! enjoy!!

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green y2k/frutiger metro layout

looks pretty much likr the layout on my page!!!!!! expect improved. heh. pls use, pls comment if u using,, if u wanna use elements go ahead!! dm me for anythin specific if ya cant find it in the code

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red horror webcore layout!!

copy + paste into 'about me' to use!! uhhh comment if using and lmk if anything isnt working :3 hope u like it!!! u can change stuff if u want, it has music (sugar by system of a down) n like. yeah. enjoy :3 Free graphics for your profile (feel free to delete) Enter. Leave. SUGAR System of a Down

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silly layout!!!! x3

cw/// eyestrain!!! x3 copy into your about me to use x3 feel free to edit or use as base x3 its hard to show in a screenshot but theres a bunch of gifs x3 so silly x3

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pac-man ghost Spacehey logo (pink)

same as my last one but its a lil pink ghost instead of cyan

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pac-man ghost Spacehey logo (cyan)

turns ur spacehey logo into a lil cyan pacman ghost :3 the screenshot is from my profile, i have filters there though so itll probably look different on yours

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