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Mood: want to css (cant be assed to css)

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dave and bambi terminal

really only uploading so i can get rid of it. enjoy

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very simple imood integration

get an imood account here very basic. to change the info, either copy-paste the src url from the indicators page, or put in your details like this. square brackets with multiple options mean you can choose either/or ../[email-[EMAIL]/uname-[USERNAME]]/fg-[HEX COLOR (WITHOUT THE HASHTAG)]/[bg[HEX COLOR]/trans-1 (FOR TRANSPARENT BG)]/imood.gif

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opera neon theme

become a walking advertisement for a six year old browser that was never fully realized. at least it still has flash support. NOTABLE FEATURES >>> * custom background and pre-main content gif * silly effect when you hover over profile icons * custom omnibox styled search bar (if you don't wanna shill google just look for the ".search-wrapper::before" attribute and change the google.com to your sea...

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