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Pink dark forest blog

This is a layout for you to use in your blog! Just click the < > button and paste it there before your writing! Matches with my pink dark forest layout, mobile friendly!

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Pink dark forest layout

PLEASE do not remove the credit to me, it is included in the layout for a reason. I worked very hard on this so I hope you enjoy :) Please do not use as a base without credit either. Note: I had a lot of technical difficulties with spacehey while making this so there are duplicates in the code and it's real messy but it works, and it's pretty, so you'll just have to deal with that 😭 Mobile friendl...

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Red Blog Layout

I made this for my friend to somewhat match with me, but you can use it too :) How to use: When you start a blog entry (before you write anything), click the button in the top left corner of the little box (it looks kinda like this < >) and paste this code in! When it loads you can click the eyeball button and write your blog entry :)

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Red layout request

Just something I made for my friend, feel free to change/add stuff :)

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Dark Forest Full Layout

There's lots of different things added to this that you can take out/add to etc.

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Sanrio Layout

Pastel pink and blue sanrio themed layout! I made this for a friend and thought I'd share it :)

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Moth logo

Logo for spacehey :)

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★ Contacting Options Buttons ★

Some fairy grunge themed buttons for your contacting options buttons (the add friend, message, etc) on your profile! You can replace the emojis with your own, or enter codes for images instead :)

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Layout by toastyri :) feel free to use, no credits- ★ you can change the YouTube link to your own music choice (keep the www.youtube.com/embed/, just swap the code) How to use: copy it and paste it in your about me :)

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