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She/them MINOR!!!!!

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REGRETEVATOR OST- bossa lullaby

....tell me if your having problems with the code pls!!! Some autoplay does not work on some browsers Here's The original video made by the song creator:

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Roblox items (friends icons)/

Tell me if it doesn't work okay I got all the images from Pinterest Sorry if my friends names are exposed:(

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Lotus Waters🐠🫧-yume 2kki ost(nightcore/sped up)

A song usually associated with frutiger areo and a song I started to really like recently! The game this is from is yume 2kki. This is perfect for people who love the game this came from,frutiger areo lovers or you just like it!!!………..IMPORTANT MESSAGE: autoplay on some browsers DOES NOT work on mobile

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Ocean Blue Layout!!! (Gifs on my profile are NOT in the code)

tell me if you have theres any problems......hope you like this this took me a long time.....Works on moblie!!!...... can you pls comment if using!!

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Toro dancing! (Top Left)

This was originally made for ✰⋆!zzy⋆✰ …. Here’s the link: ….let me know if you need help or if it doesn’t work,

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Toro dancing gif (right bottom)

This was originally made for ✰⋆!zzy⋆✰ …. Here’s the link: ….let me know if you need help or if it doesn’t work,

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South Park kids gif intro!!!

this is a kewl thing people see when they go on your profile!!!alot of the boys are on the gif gif preview: gif link: i found it on pintrest:

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Mint white stars layout LOGO AND ONLINE ARE NOT IN THE CODE!!!!!

I didn't make the code you can edit it of use the base the code is simple the logo and online is not is the code!!!! I might make a black version Original I made off was made by rae !!! :3 id=83117) -->

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green forest Layout

3rd layout I made I didn't make the code btw because I'm mostly on mobile no credit needed Pls tell me if the background image doesn't work it weridly happened to me Also tell me if the layouts broken

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Rainbow stars

The code and stuff was made by zombieboycoal I also made this one from a layout cuz I'm on mobil

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Blue sky layout! first layout

This is my first layout lol I made this with some code and stuff from a layout made by ash lynx

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