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Minor; They/Them/no pronouns; Based in the U.S.A

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Nightcord at 25 Loading Screen

I love making loading screens :333 As always: Commenting is not required, but I do enjoy seeing your profiles with my layouts, so comment if you want me to to see! ALSO feel free to change the duration of the gif (Make it shorter or longer) To change: look for the section that says "animation: yourAnimation 4s ease..." The default is set to 4 seconds

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Mizuki Loading Screen (Design 2)

I love Mizuki Akiyama a whole lot so I made another loading screen of them :3 Commenting is NOT required, but you can if you'd like (I'd love to see your profiles!) Lmk if you run into any issues thank you!

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It's Raining Mizuki!

I don't think there's enough Mizuki Akiyama on this site, but I wanted more on my profile I used a code template by "fini hoover :3 (" and replaced the gif with a funny Mizuki Plush. Commenting (If using) is NOT required, but I would love love to see your profiles with this; So, comment if you'd like :333 As always, let me know if you run into any issue...

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Akiyama Mizuki Loading Screen

(Let me know if this doesn't work for you!) Comment is NOT required, but if you would like, I would love to see your profiles with this!

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