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Clippy Microsoft Office 97 windowed animation

Hey, it's our good friend, Clippy! Here are several code snippets that will place an animation of Clippy in the bottom right corner of your page. Just choose your flavor! Feel free to adjust the placement, scale, etc. Credit goes to Noikaido309 over on Tumblr for the links to these gifs. The OG gifs can be found here and here.

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Mildly customizable Soundcloud song player embed (tutorial)

Ok, so, I'm gonna attempt to teach y'all how to get a Soundcloud link on your page and then how to tweak the values a bit to change its appearance. This isn't a fully custom music player by any means—we're just using Soundcloud's embed options to get differently structured music players. Please please please read this tutorial in its entirety and don't just scroll to the bottom and copy-paste what...

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Super simple pinned polaroid profile picture

Tweak the margins, scales, and origins as needed. This code snippet is included on my full layout (

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Corkboard (or pin board) hodgepodge scrapbook paper layout

A cute li'l layout with a corkboard base and paper textures. Features a polaroid profile picture, sticky note Interests and Links sections, a "Hi, my name is..." element preceding the nametag, and polaroid (-ish?) friend icons. No custom header/footer, sorry. Also sorry for messy and inefficient code. If it works, it works, right? Fine to use as a base or as is, credit me or something, I'm not gon...

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