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Tags: super sonicodes, music, music player, autoplay, please for the love of god stop spamming the layouts section with autoplay youtube iframes for every song in existence it's really tiring


this was originally posted by vomitgrl here!

basically an edited version of the above linked music player, but less big and on the corner of your screen so that way it doesn't take up too much space! you can press it to play/pause the music! the white border around it is so that if you have a dark background you can distinguish the music player from the background itself! this layout post will have the music player on it so you can experience it firsthand (i apologize for the maretu music)

also like the OP of the og css version of the music player said; please stop uploading every last song to the layouts section. you don't need every individual code posted when you can just change the id of the youtube link in the iframe.
if you need a certain song ID, feel free to ask me, and i can fetch the ID for you


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Using !! ^_^

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sof ★

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using thx !!

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gonna use fr this is such a cool audio player!!!

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hii!! can i get the ID for Beauty Fiend by My Ruin??

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the id is ZPIDxAJ-UQY ^__^

by 🍽️🥩 CORPSiC; ; Report

Eliot!!★ (Batman)

Eliot!!★ (Batman)'s profile picture

Haii can I get the id of Zombie by Johnnie Guilbert? Thank you!:]

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so sorry for the late response, i was on my way home and it took FOREVERR
anyways the id is 0d0txdWY1Uk

by 🍽️🥩 CORPSiC; ; Report