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Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana Autoplay

Tags: nirvana, grunge, kurt cobain, 90's, in utero, foo fighters, 90s, hole, alternative, alternative rock


you cant fire me because i quit | comment "using" or any recommendations


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Using! :3

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Gonna use n edit the link

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Nvm i have no idea how links work lmao

Js gonna use the go

by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report


by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report


by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report

It doesn’t work :(

by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report

my code does work if that's what you were referring to. this was one of my og ones i used on my profile and it worked just fine

by marlee 🍉; ; Report

Idk then. Ill try again maybe??

by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report

Maybe it just doesn’t play bc my device wont allow it or smth, bc it doesn’t show the line of code on my profile

by MAYMAYMAYMAY^_^; ; Report