Blink-182 Self Titled Album

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This was a request for CanITakeMattHome_ 

Live version: Unicorn Just click! Live version will only be available until tomorrow (2-6-2021) when I work on more layouts!

If you use this layout, all I ask is that you send me a friend request if you haven't done so already! 

Coding created by Cory: I just created gifs or images or found them and put URLs in where they belong.


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alisha hanke

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Thanks so much!

by ⸸Ꭰҽąէհჯ_ჯᎠɾҽąʍҽɾ⸸; ; Report


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this so dope! blink-182 is one of my fav bands. U are talented!

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Awww, thanks so much, means a lot!

by ⸸Ꭰҽąէհჯ_ჯᎠɾҽąʍҽɾ⸸; ; Report


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I love this whole aesthetic! It's incredible.

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Awww thanks so much! I had a blast making it!

by ⸸Ꭰҽąէհჯ_ჯᎠɾҽąʍҽɾ⸸; ; Report


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Thank you so much Helena. Honestly, you did such an incredible job

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Awwwwwww thanks so much!

by ⸸Ꭰҽąէհჯ_ჯᎠɾҽąʍҽɾ⸸; ; Report


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This is amazing

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