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Cerberus Logo

Tags: dog, cerberus, hellhound, demon, green, logo


lil demon hellhound logo for yall. lemme know what yall think :)). who knows if the dumb image will upload or not yuh


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Purpl3_Haz3's profile picture

Using! :D

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Trippie's World

Trippie's World's profile picture

it doesnt show for me it just shows the code in my about me :(

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Go to your root and put this in
.logo {
content: url(;
:root {
--logo-blue: #000000;
--darker-blue: #ffffff;
--lighter-blue: #575757;
--even-lighter-blue: #000000;
--lightest-blue: #000000;
--dark-orange: #ffffff;
--light-orange: #000000;
--even-lighter-orange: #000000;
--green: #000000;

by 🧟‍♂️ MAX 🧟‍♂️; ; Report

sorry bro still didn't work, i'm tryna find out what could be an issue rn

by Trippie's World; ; Report


Axelotl​'s profile picture

It doesnt show for mee

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Remove the "nav .top .left" part

by 🧟‍♂️ MAX 🧟‍♂️; ; Report

Okay !

by Axelotl​; ; Report

did it work?

by sluggang.404; ; Report

no sadly :']

by Axelotl​; ; Report

shit. do you have your own logo code in your layout?

otherwise, if youre on your computer, you can go to yohr profile n right click n go to "inspect"

n then a think will pop up, either on the side of your screen or on the bottom. switch it so its on the bottom (it makes it a little easier to navigate)

n there should be a symbol on the far left thats like a square with a cursor in it

click on that n then click on your logo n it should bring you to the code for it.

n i think you type in content n then next to it, type url

n then you can copy that whole code section, paste it into your layout code, n take the link n copy n paste it in the ( )

that might work?

sorry if thats kina confusing

your acc is private so i cant go in n inspect the code myself

by sluggang.404; ; Report

I'll try it, I'll also un-private my profile

by Axelotl​; ; Report

Go to your root and put this in
.logo {
content: url(;

:root {
--links: #919191;
--text: #ffffff;
--headers: #ffffff;
--shadows: #494848;
--borders: #ffffff;
--shift: #ffffff;

by 🧟‍♂️ MAX 🧟‍♂️; ; Report


by Axelotl​; ; Report

🧟‍♂️ MAX 🧟‍♂️

🧟‍♂️ MAX 🧟‍♂️'s profile picture

Using :)

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glad you like it :))

by sluggang.404; ; Report