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Need a burn at the stake gif layout



Everyone is trying to add as many friends as he or she can. I think the saddest part of this website is why is there a girl with her butt hanging out of her profile picture and isn’t deleted? Now I'm gonna go off topic for a bit. Well you have a few accounts here you should be banned. No darling/sweet hearts. the rules say you can't own MANY accounts. Many would be if I made 10-30 accounts on here. Same with a girl on here that has some kind of bra and panty outfit and she is almost naked. Why is there a girl on here listing her bra size as her username on here and Snapchat with a picture of her and her bra on Snapchat code on there? Like why and how are these accounts still here? I really kept on scrolling on recent users and I can’t believe how many Only Fans accounts are signed up here like seriously? Can’t you girls promote your Only Fans elsewhere like an adult website? Stop clogging up websites. I know you’re desperate for money but this has gone way too far and this is why I’m about done looking for people to chat with. Not on here by the sister website Friendproject I’ve made some cool friends there and I hope that place doesn’t get E Thot invested like Space Hey is. Just go on some adult website or go invest in FL or something called FetLife or whatever. For the last time I really don't have to scroll to see about half naked girls on here. Please that's just so digusting. Nobody wants to see that stuff.

I know you f''uckers are going to say what their body, Nah you're missing the point. These people are infesting ''normal'' websites more worse than a case of head lice at school that every mother dreads. Plus I strongly believe that if you're married or engaged or having a boyfriend and you're showing almost nude or exposed photos that is just disrespectful and spitting on your partner's face in a metaphor term while ''other men shower you with money'' and most all you people need to be burned at the stake and offer to a demon king of my choice/liking. So tasteless. An act/crime/vile and most importantly tasteless and not respecting your dignity as honor. But dignity and honor is a dying art. I believe that I've seen enough and at least I can die with my dignity and honor. While everyone is being a E  Thot.


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