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song mp3 file

Tags: music, song, songs


you can use this to add a song into your profile, fill in the three spaces that say "HERE". do not remove quotation marks, the first "HERE" is not supposed to have any, the other two are.

the first "HERE" should be changed to the song title you're adding in.

the second AND third "HERE" should be THE SAME, they need to be changed to a mp3 link. to do this, make a account, go to and drag over whatever song you want to use from youtube, convert and download the mp3 version and upload it to as your song, download that song, copy the address link and paste it into the second and third "HERE".

ask questions if you need help and ill try to answer, I'm new at this so i may not be able to give an answer to all.

i have this up on my profile if you want to take a look.


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Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

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aespvl's profile picture

Hello!! What site can i use instead of the other myspace , since you can't sign up there anymore?

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The layouts here are for here btw just paste it into the about me section here!

by ⸝⸝ㆍ🛸 ♩  STARRY  ˃˂; ; Report

mossy :]

mossy :]'s profile picture

I admit I didn't follow the instructions perfectly - I sourced the mp3 from tumblr rather than myspace - but the audio player isn't showing up, just a download button

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! SKETCHY/ZIP✏️'s profile picture


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Valades FakeLastName

Valades FakeLastName's profile picture

using i guess

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Poopy Butt

Poopy Butt's profile picture


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grandmasghost's profile picture

using !!!!

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☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆

☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆'s profile picture


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finn's profile picture

the preview doesn't work, it's just a download button that redirects you to the file.

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same :<

by NiVONA:3; ; Report

wolfie 🫀

wolfie 🫀's profile picture

I'm having some trouble with the site....

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mars!'s profile picture works for direct links too! :)

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didn't work for me idk what im doing wrong

by stringbean; ; Report

its pretty straightforward, what are you having trouble with?

by ✧ ┊ rayman; ; Report


stephen's profile picture

when i try to make an account it just says "myspace is closed."

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Si de algo ayuda esto es Space hey es un fanpage un remake de My space porque My space ya no existe

by Tanylup84; ; Report


Johnochromatic's profile picture

How do I add it? cuz I have a layout on my profile already

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Click “edit profile” and on mobile, click the “Design” page at the top or if you’re on desktop, then just scroll to the very bottom of the edit “profile page”

by Saturn2914🪐! :3; ; Report

˗ˏˋpisshead [gohan's lvr]ˎˊ˗

˗ˏˋpisshead [gohan's lvr]...'s profile picture

When i got in the website to put a link to a song, i couldn't do anything cuz there was some text saying that theres some mfkin hackers and that the Internet thingy ain't safe (T - T)

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Wot's profile picture

What does windows 98 got to do with it?

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Boris01's profile picture

I don’t get it :[ can someone show an example for it??

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Gorqons's profile picture

I cant read

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by RUI !! ⊹ ⁺ ⋅; ; Report


Demonfong's profile picture

copy what address?

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never mind i got this

by Demonfong; ; Report


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this doesn't work

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