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Marquees are easy ways to make slideshows, but I'm not an easy guy, so let's get use some MATH to figure out how to make traditional fading slideshows. You can see an example on my page, underneath the Books You Should Read section. 

I've figured out the math for a 4-image, 5-image and 6-image slideshow. If this post blows up, I'll work out the math for more. I'm leaving the 5-image code here, but if you want the other codes, please check out my bulletin: CSS/HTML Snippet: Slideshows

Implementing the slideshow is easy! Copy the code, paste it wherever you'd like the slideshow to appear, and then replace the image URLs at the top of the code with the images you'd like to use, and then if you'd like, change the time to be any amount of seconds. Right now, it's set to 30 seconds. Whenever you change the time, make sure you put an 's' at the end to tell the CSS you want it to be in seconds. I don't know if 'm' works for minutes but I wouldn't chance it.


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Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

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usingg tysm

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doesn't work for me :(

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doesnt work for me :/

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