Sangonomiya Kokomi - Genshin Impact themed layout >:)

Tags: kokomi, genshin impact, genshin, genshin layout, cute, pink, themed, pastel, purple, blue


Anyone is free to use this layout, Just pls give credit, And friend me too !!

ThisΒ Sangonomiya Kokomi themed layout has a gif banner, A clear floating png of Kokomi in the bottom right corner, Body floating (Bouncing) animation, A Kokomi emote to replace the "Online now" gif, and a cute cursor (but I can't claim that piece). It has a cute pink/blue/purple theme to match Kokomi's clothing and Kokomi gif's sprinkled in.Β 

If you do edit or make changes to the layout, Make sure you're not breaking SpaceHey rules as I will not be taking responsibility.Β 

ThisΒ Sangonomiya Kokomi themed layout was made by yours truly, Me!! So don't go on out into the world claiming you made this pls, My sanity cannot handle it, seriously, It's midnight as I'm typing this layout description </3

And please excuse my terrible organization in all my code, the way I code is quite confusing, it's really a "Oops, I forgot to change that" situation every 5 minutes.

If you have any further questions or clarifications needed just DM me !!! Or obviously comment under this lolololol


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