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Valentine's Day Layout

Tags: lovecore, valentines day, pink, angelcore


i fucking love the aesthetic of this day so i HAD to make smth abt it

took some things from 's lovecore layout, hope they dont mind!
this also includes a rat cursor at the bottom of the code, delete it if u want

feel free to use, id appreciate if u credit me somewhere in ur page!


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winecouture's profile picture

Might use!! <3

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Jellyace's profile picture

love this

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𝓒 .

 𝓒 .'s profile picture

Luv this xx

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Lucy Bunny・゚✧*:・゚✧

Lucy Bunny・゚✧*:・゚✧'s profile picture

Hi! I'm very new to SpaceHey so I have to ask, how can I change my about me description in the code?

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hi! sorry for the delay :') it seems like u already figured it out? but in any case: u go to edit ur profile, and just erase what you wrote before in ur description to put the new one :]

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report

sofiabelle ♡

sofiabelle ♡'s profile picture

hiii - any idea how to change the font to something like times new roman :^ tyy!! love ur layout btw

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yes! first u should go to google fonts, press 'select this style' with the font u like, and ur gonna see 2 codes: one says '@import' and the other says '@export' what u need is to copy the one that says '@import' and then the other code that says 'font-family:'the name of the font u chose'
Then, u see at the start of the layout, where it says '@import url'? well, u need to get rid of that and paste ur code there. Same with the font family that is under (i also reccomend changing the font size since it might look too big or too small with the new font!)

Then, where it says 'h1,h2,h3,h4 {' ur gonna see the font family of my font is also there, so same as before: erase that and paste the font family of the font u chose

hope i helped u love, and thanks for liking my layout✨💗

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report

thank u sm omg i just saw this

by sofiabelle ♡; ; Report


♡~Vee!~♡'s profile picture

this is amazing!! How can I add an image above like that?(the pic with the heart mirror and hands :] )

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thank u!! the code that starts with "main:before{" is the one u should copypaste in ur profile :] just need to change the url

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report

oh ok!! tysm!! ily :) /p

by ♡~Vee!~♡; ; Report

ur welcome❣️❣️

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report


Andromeda's profile picture

this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life

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dhsofhidhgidfgnmfcbnckghft thank u so much omg,,im flattered (it looks great in ur profile too)

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report

Vanity Doe ₊˚ཐི♡ཋྀ˚₊

Vanity Doe ₊˚ཐི♡ཋྀ˚₊'s profile picture

This is adorable

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awww thanks :] im glad u like it

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report


𝐾𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑖☽'s profile picture

Used this! And I made sure to credit you

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by Madam Whiskers; ; Report


stargirl's profile picture

I loveeee

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by Madam Whiskers; ; Report


prettycat's profile picture

so cute :>>>!!

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thank u!!

by Madam Whiskers; ; Report