autoplay for youtube!



in case you guys dont go into the blog section, heres a yt embed autoplay code! note this does not work for safari. you also will not be able to see the video but you can change that with the width and height :)) just remove the ##yt id## and replace it with the last part of the url of ur yt video, so for example<- this part, thats the yt video id. happy autoplaying!

Copy and paste this code into the "About me" section of your Profile to use it.

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this still does not work :[

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vivi ✭

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anyone know why mine isnt working?? i put it in music and i kept the "embed" part in the link

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⛧ Xerox ⛧

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OMG !! it would not work in abt me but when i put it in music it worked im so dumb T-T THANK UU

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Hal Strider

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hiiii !!!!
for some reason that doesnt work for me !! could i ask in your dms to look through my code and say that's wrong? i'm struggling with all autoplayers/music players for some months and can't fix it ><

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phillip graves (but autistic)

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im currently trying this but its seeming to not work! i dont know f im doing something wrong or what!

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same hereee i can't make it work Dx

by baz baz baz ☆; ; Report

i figured it out!! you gotta right click the yt video and click copy embed code, then you take the link out of the whole thing that it copies (which should look like smthn like sure the link says embed in it not just the regular link) then replace " id##" with the embed link then boom it works! i hope this helps, lmk if it still doesnt work

by connor; ; Report

wait i made it a little more complicated it is sorry im not good at explaining stuff 3
basically just take the last thing in the copied id of the yt video (ex. - you'd take j1ZBfxQ8oP0) then replace ## yt id ## with that and then it should work

by connor; ; Report

yes it works nowww thank youu!!!!

by baz baz baz ☆; ; Report

doesnt work for me at all, i added the little embed part, I even put it in music and its still not working :(

by Pearly <3; ; Report