Triple_A_Battery (asexual, aromantic, agender) marquee

Tags: asexual, asexuality, aromantic, agender, queer, trans, gender, transgender, marquee


‘Triple A battery’ is often used to describe an individual who is on the aromantic spectrum, the asexual spectrum, and is agender in some way. (This (unofficially) includes subsets of agender, such as libragenders and xenogenderless/xenagender) T R I P L E _ A _ B A T T E R Y

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omg this is so clever

would a double A battery be aromatic and asexual? (aroace)

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yup :3 also I didn’t come up w/ this, just thought it deserved a something on here :3

by 🍉 puppypunk 🐾; ; Report

ohhh that’s awesome though

i will wear double a battery loud and proud

by viviemortis; ; Report