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Custom Highlighter

Make your Highlighter Special!!! Have some fun w/ this!!

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Taylor Swift Debut

Based off of taylor swift's debut album (also my current layout)!! :) Will not work/doesn't work well on mobile, a majority of the screen may be taken up by a photo. (Obviously I have no idea what it may look like because I am on pc currently)! As always, I apologize if my coding is very messy! Thank you to anybody who uses this!! :)

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Splatoon 3 Layout

Made 4 my friend!! :) I tried out some new code and put it in here!! :D I made some of my own pixels w/ the graphics from splatoon!! sadly, i could not find a squid shaped cursor tho :(!! Sorry if my coding is messy! :)

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Splatoon Callie Layout

Based off of callie from splatoon. I tried to implement some new things ive learned into this profile!! :) I'm sorry if my programing is rlly messy lol. Callie is my favorite splatoon character and I had a lot of fun making this!! I hope anybody who uses this likes it toos!! :D

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Taylor Swift Lover

profile based off of Taylor Swift's 7th Album "Lover"!! :) I apologize if my coding is messy! This Layout also includes a heart shaped cursor!! :)

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Taylor Swift Midnights

Layout based off of Taylor Swift's 10th Studio Album, Midnights! Sorry if my Programming is really messy :(!

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It's Raining Tacos!

Tacos Falling from ur screen! Feel free to modify to change the graphic! (if your using this id totes recommend also putting the song in the bg!!)

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Scroll Box

Hihi! feel free to use this code if u need a scrollbox for ur stamps, blinkies, or text!! Feel free to modify this lyt as well!! :D If u want to change the background color change the text that says "white" to a different color, if u want to change the font import another font and then change the text that says "Georgia Garamond". Hope ur happy using this!! :D

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